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Vibration noise ar high RPM

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For about a week a was getting a noise that sounded like the fairing vibrating around the headlight every time I had gone above 8,000 rpm. It would get so loud sometimes my mind would make the noise louder than the exhaust. Well, I tightened-loosened-tightened every allen bolt and it still was making the noise. inspected around the radiator area a dozen times and no luck. However, I didn't touch the under cowl because I swear it was coming from the head light area. Yesterday a small leaf was stuck to the underside of the bike and when I pulled it off I saw the under cowl move. When I changed the oil 900 miles ago I must have not tightened the highlighted bolt in the picture because it was 2 complete turns of the wrench loose. Took the bike for a ride and no more noise. I knew there was nothing wrong with the bike the whole time because it wasn't a sound that an engine and transmission makes but it did get kind of frustrating not being able to locate what part of the fairing was loose.
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I wouldn't be surprised if the dealer forgot to tighten it.
Or maybe it came lose over time from vibration.
It might be worth it to go over all screws that hold down the faring and seeing what play there may be going on that could be the culprit since as far as i'm making it out to be here, it's to do with the faring and nothing that seems to be from a functioning part of component.
1 - 2 of 54 Posts
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