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Vibration noise ar high RPM

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For about a week a was getting a noise that sounded like the fairing vibrating around the headlight every time I had gone above 8,000 rpm. It would get so loud sometimes my mind would make the noise louder than the exhaust. Well, I tightened-loosened-tightened every allen bolt and it still was making the noise. inspected around the radiator area a dozen times and no luck. However, I didn't touch the under cowl because I swear it was coming from the head light area. Yesterday a small leaf was stuck to the underside of the bike and when I pulled it off I saw the under cowl move. When I changed the oil 900 miles ago I must have not tightened the highlighted bolt in the picture because it was 2 complete turns of the wrench loose. Took the bike for a ride and no more noise. I knew there was nothing wrong with the bike the whole time because it wasn't a sound that an engine and transmission makes but it did get kind of frustrating not being able to locate what part of the fairing was loose.
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Trying to get some info on the "rattle" issue. I LOVE my bike. My only gripe with my new CBR300R is the rattle noise right around 4000 - 5000 RPMs, especially when closing the throttle. My issue sounded like the OP's issue with the noise coming from the headlight area consistently. The difference being it happens at a much lower RPM than OP's.

I wear earplugs, but the rattle is actually louder than the exhaust and wind noise through the earplugs. I have tightened all the fairing bolts. Anyone have any other suggestions on where to look? I wouldn't mind sticking some heat-resistant foam someplace. Just need to know where to start if someone already figured this out. I realize this new motor has a longer stroke increasing vibes, but I really want to solve this issue.
It works! Brilliant! However I did notice the vibration noise was completely gone one day. Its possible I closed the gas cap properly that day. I'll test again this evening after taking the cap off and putting it back on. My issue is similar to 300R's where I get the rattle when closing the throttle at around 5k.
I think there are multiple rattles. Mine is gone when pushing on the gas cap. It eventually returns after a while, but not as loud. So that tells me the gas cap is source to one of the problems. But I do have other rattles that are not as loud at higher RPMs. I can live with that because the stock pipe mostly masks the rattles. Are there aftermarket gas caps? I fixed mine semi-permanently by twisting the cap when it's locked. This twisting makes it more snug.

Love these boards. I was able to fix a major annoyance.
1 - 3 of 54 Posts
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