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Do you have any more info / photos of the installation itself? Would you mind sharing them?

i.e. I imagine it went something like that
0) read instructions
1) remove the "tail" fairings to access all the correct wires (brakes, turn...)
2) open (unscrew) the 2 rear turn indicators
3) put the new LED in, and get the wires all the way through to the bike:
- Was that an easy fit?
- Did you glue the LED inside the original turn indicator in place of the light bulbs? If so what did you use? Epoxy? Maybe just some silicon?
4) close the turn indicators
5) connect the wires (use 4 posi-tap? i.e. +turn left, +turn right, + brake, +running rear light, and ground?)
6) put the fairings back in place
7) enjoy?

How long did it take you? And what are your skill level in term of mechanics? (i.e. 30 minutes for a pro might be 3-4 hours for a novice :) )
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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