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i have an oxford screamer disc lock/alarm,
fairly solid/heavy for its size, fits in pocket,
locking pin fits thru small disc holes..
use it on rear disc,, close to brake caliper..

on rear disc its not so open to attack as on
front wheel, also close to caliper on top of disc
you cant roll forward or take off without
removing the lock..

lockable with or without, alarm..
its motion sensor is reliable, not going off due
to wind etc, but to any movement of the lock
or the bike,, which triggers 4 warning beeps
then if moved again 100 db alarm goes off..

it only 'screams' for about 10secs, and there are
louder alarms than 100db, but i can hear it go off inside when parked across the street..
i can get out/over to it in under 10secs
with my breaker bar in hand..

got it as a temporary deterrent while waiting for
a real chain and lock to arrive [squire 16mm chain + ss65c lock] for chaining to her tree..

along with a full cover its better than nothing, will deter idiots from playing on your bike, prevent simple ride or roll away thefts
[after breaking steering lock]..

goes in my jacket pocket and use it when parked away anywhere + at home..

its worth the $50au or so imo..

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Yeah that's the only thing I dont like with this lock alarms, is the sensitivity which can cause false alram. I don't want to be at work and the alarm falsely triggered because of strong wind. I may just look into heavy lock and chain to tie it at my Apartments place and just wheel lock with no alarm when I'm at work.

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Bringing this thread back around...
Gonna be keeping the bike outside for a few days from time to time, and was wondering if anyone has one that seems to fit the 300R well. Which size pin should I rule out of my search?
I see terms like "long throat" and "short throat" and wonder about the fit on the rotor, cause I have no idea what those terms signify.

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I bought a Xena. After 30 minutes of trying to activate, then subsequently shut off the alarm component, I resorted to just 86'ing the alarm all together and just using the wheel lock portion.

Long throat and short throat likely refers to the size of your rotor - If you buy a lock that's too short, then it won't be able to clear the rotor in order to lock. And if it's too long, well that could be an inconvenience I suppose.

Here's a reference card you can print out from their website:

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Thanks Dripkit. Ill give that a look once I get a chance to ride again. I was hoping to have one ordered before that next chance to ride. So that being said, which model Xena did you get? (assuming you did not get new rotors with a different pattern than stock)

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my oxford screamer reaches inner ring of disc holes
but also the outer ring which any disc lock would reach..

i can take off or put on her cover without activating it,
and if its bumped or something it emits 4 low db beeps,
to warn anyone of its presence..
the 4 initial beeps are for short range..
the alarm has never gone off, even in high winds etc..

since the heavy duty squire chain and lock have been
chaining her to a large gumtree [growing out of the road]
up thru her swing arm [plus disc lock and under cover]
i realise how reasuring this is, not just intellectually,
but on the level of general relaxation about my bike
[after black beauty was stolen]..

i was going to bed thinking thoughts about her out there,
and thieves etc, waking up at any sound, checking out
the window etc.. now its as if shes in the kitchen..

quality sleep and general absence of worry etc,
are well worth the price of the top chain and lock
[ :) ]

you do pay for top quality chains and locks,
but careful selection for your purpose
can get the right security for your situation..

if shes within hearing a 100db plus alarm
and under a cover, that alone will discourage
most thieves.. uncroppable chain and hard to pick
lock will deter or redirect most pro thieves..

otherwise, given the state of motorcycle thefts today,
which has become a global industry, the other
essential,, is good insurance..
my stolen 250 was insured for her new price
which meant after 3yrs even with excess
the insurance money was more than most
excellent similar bikes for sale..
i added the extra for a new cbr300ra..
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